ISC Red Back Up Device

The Red and a Rope with Tension

The ISC Red is a great back up device for rope access work. However, through some testing by a third party and by ISC, it turns out that the Red has a draw back. When it is placed on a rope with tension (during a pick off on the victim’s line for instance) the device fails to engage. To learn more, …

Jacob WallaceThe Red and a Rope with Tension
New Site Design

The New Website Design Is Here!

Our team has been hard at work for some time putting together a new site design for our store. We have made a number of improvements, including: Improved Navigation – You can now find your products by type, industry, brand, or by using our search bar. Better Design – Makes it a bit easier to look at! Industry Selection – …

Jacob WallaceThe New Website Design Is Here!

OSHA Allows Free Climbing?

In a now infamous video, a tower climber free climbs a 1,700 ft tower. In the video he claims that OSHA allows free climbing because it’s faster. Take a look at the video below. Now, it’s important to note that OSHA does not allow for free climbing, despite what’s claimed in the video. Is it slower to remain 100% tied …

Jacob WallaceOSHA Allows Free Climbing?

Now Carrying DEUS Rescue Products

Rope + Rescue is excited to now offer DEUS products. We recently visited Jeff Wild at the DEUS facility in Boulder to get some hands on experience with their automatic descender. The 3700 Device is easy to load, easy to use and truly hands-free. When you use device, simply loosen or tighten knob to control speed. Perfect for wind energy, …

Jacob WallaceNow Carrying DEUS Rescue Products
ISC D4 Descender

The New D4 Descender From ISC

If you are like us, new gear excites you. We are very excited about a new piece of gear from ISC. Now, I’m not talking new carabiner excited. I’m not talking new tool lanyard excited. I’m talking, descent control device excited. Now, you are probably using a Petzl I’D, or maybe a Fisk descender(or maybe even a cylinder!). Whatever descent …

Jacob WallaceThe New D4 Descender From ISC
SafeTrack Gear and Job Tracking Software

SafeTrack Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Gear Tracking App for Work at Height SafeTrack offers new,easy-to-use software for tracking PPE  DENVER, CO – April 15th, 2013 – SafeTrack, a new, free App from Rope and Rescue offers a detailed, intuitive way to track your gear and log your jobs while in the field. For tower climbers, rope access workers, trainers, or any …

Jacob WallaceSafeTrack Press Release
Helmets from Rope and Rescue

What’s the Problem with Stickers on Helmets?

Go to any tower, construction site, roof top, or other work site and you’ll find one thing without fail: lots of hard hats with stickers. The crews that work at height love to show off their favorite companies with stickers on their safety helmets. Total number of stickers will vary from a few to covering the entire helmet, but its …

Jacob WallaceWhat’s the Problem with Stickers on Helmets?
Colorado Springs Fire Department

Behind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 2)

Colorado Springs covers 204 square miles, including areas like Cheyenne Canyon and Garden of the Gods. One area at the popular tourist area the guys have labelled “Tourist Gulley.” Right off the road, it is an easy spot for people to jump the “do not cross” signs and scamper up the rock formations. Unfortunately, getting up is often easier than …

Jacob WallaceBehind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 2)
Inside Heavy Rescue Station 17

Behind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 1)

I was in Colorado Springs the other day, and I decided to spend some time finding out about Technical Rescue operations for Colorado Springs Fire. Between how large the Colorado Springs Area has become, and tourist attractions like Garden of the Gods, there are ample opportunity for unique rescue operations. I had the chance to sit down with CJ Nauert, …

Jacob WallaceBehind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 1)
Egyptian Spinning Rope

A Brief History of Rope

Rope has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t always been the rope we know and love. The farthest we can trace back, the Egyptians made rope using natural fibers several thousand years ago. Rope was often made by hand or using crude tools. Natural fibers included things like hair, silk, cotton, wool, or even plant fibers. Any rope …

Jacob WallaceA Brief History of Rope

Need A Lifeline? – Part 1 – Rope Material

When I first started dealing with rope for work, I never thought I would be able to tell the difference between all the types of rope we sell. Just looking at them, the different colors and tracer patterns looked like a strange code I would never understand. As it turns out, with a little time and exposure, it was easier …

Jacob WallaceNeed A Lifeline? – Part 1 – Rope Material