The Gear You’ll Need For Rope Descent Work

Have you ever considered what badass rope descent workers super heroes would be? Yeah, saving people from crazy villains is cool and all, but wouldn’t it be rad to see Spiderman painting the side of a building? But whatever, don’t take our advice Peter. Jokes on you because now we have the cool jobs. If you're like us and don’t ...
Amy LavinThe Gear You’ll Need For Rope Descent Work

Meet Andrew From Our Crew

As you know, a good crew can mean the difference between a great day and a long night. Meet Andrew, one of our crew. Have some questions? Andrew can help. Want to shoot the shit? Andrew is your man. Many of you probably know Andrew or have spoken to him on the phone (whether you knew it or not). But …

Amy LavinMeet Andrew From Our Crew

What would you do with 600ft of Sterling Rope?

Can you imagine the possibilities? 600ft, that’s equal to almost two football fields turned vertically! You could easily climb the to the top of Red Rocks and have rope to spare! Or, you could be like the badass people at the Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue Team and give mother nature some good ole fashioned TLC baby! She ain’t too …

Amy LavinWhat would you do with 600ft of Sterling Rope?

Have Standards, Don’t Cut Lanyards

In some industries the standard practice is to cut the patient’s lanyard once you’ve connected to them. By pulling as much slack out of the connection as possible, the shock to the patient from cutting the lanyard is usually quite small. At first glance this seems to be a pretty desirable solution. It is simple, fast, and requires a minimum …

Amy LavinHave Standards, Don’t Cut Lanyards

Petzl Rope Trip 2016

When you love Petzl like we do, your whole crew knows exactly when the annual Petzl Rope Trip is and has had it circled on his or her calendar for at least a month or so previous. This year, the Rope Trip was April 1st through the 4th and it took place in Utah, which was picturesque. For more picures, …

Amy LavinPetzl Rope Trip 2016

R+R Exclusive Interview With Tower Techs Stuck Because of Panthers!

Rope and Rescue got an exclusive interview with the three tower climbers that had been stuck on a tower for over eight hours in Miles City Florida this past Monday. On March 28th, three tower climbers were stuck up a tower for over eight hours because a pack of panthers decided to rest for a while down below. If you ...
Amy LavinR+R Exclusive Interview With Tower Techs Stuck Because of Panthers!

Rope Grabs, Elementary My Dear Watson

So, as an @height worker, rope is pretty much your bread (maybe even your butter). When your life is potentially hanging on this glorified string, it helps to know how the hell to use the tools holding you onto that rope. So with that we say, get trained, get certified, get experienced. Nothing will substitute good training and experience. For ...
Amy LavinRope Grabs, Elementary My Dear Watson

Open Your Beer With Your Retired Gear!

When you really love something, you push yourself to explore all the avenues of said beloved thing, striving to find innovation and creativity. So when you love fall protection gear and beer like we do, you find a safe way to use them together. "Do not drink before or during at height work." Let us pause right now, this safe ...
Amy LavinOpen Your Beer With Your Retired Gear!
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NATE Unite 2016

For the past four years, we’ve been attending the NATE Unite Convention and we have to say, picking our favorite convention memory is similar to picking out our favorite fall protection gear supplier. Just kidding, that’s us. This year, the NATE Unite convention was so rad. Between the location, food, people, and the greatest after party there ever was, we’d ...
Amy LavinNATE Unite 2016

Coaxial Cable: How Has the Industry Advanced?

Without tower climbers, we'd have no cell phone service. It is only thanks to these men and women that we are able to get the "latest 4G" and beyond. What's even more amazing is the fact that these men and women are not just climbing hundreds of feet in the air, but also that they themselves are the technicians fixing ...
Amy LavinCoaxial Cable: How Has the Industry Advanced?

Coming to (Petzl) America

Getting the opportunity to tour Petzl America’s facility is something close to the same feeling you might get as a kid being able to walk into Santa’s workshop. When you walked in, an instant urge to touch and test everything washed over everyone, except in this warehouse, that type of behavior is encouraged. Petzl America’s Utah facility is fit for ...
Amy LavinComing to (Petzl) America

Rock Exotica: Safety Manufactured

If you are anything like me, you’re a long time admirer of Rock Exotica. They make some killer gear with incredible designs and amazing craftsmanship (too many adjectives?). That’s why I was so excited to get a chance to visit the Rock Exotica factory in Utah. Phil and Matt showed me around the place and let me take some photos ...
Amy LavinRock Exotica: Safety Manufactured

Are You A Man With A Rescue Plan?

The best sort of rescue plan is the one you have before you need it. Marinate on that for a minute. Your plan should include both the gear that you need to perform the rescue, as well as the training on said gear. Here’s the deal, while our rescue kits are exceptionally good looking, they won’t serve as more than ...
Amy LavinAre You A Man With A Rescue Plan?

Our Elizabeth

written by Bridgette Hester, Hubble Foundation Normally, the Hubble Foundation blogs, writes articles, or otherwise brings to light our fallen climbers. I post things on the Facebook page, Twitter, the website, or other social media avenues. However, today I want to take a moment to blog about a behind the scenes treasure to Hubble Foundation. Here at Hubble Foundation we ...
Amy LavinOur Elizabeth