Meet Andrew From Our Crew

As you know, a good crew can mean the difference between a great day and a long night. Meet Andrew, one of our crew. Have some questions? Andrew can help. Want to shoot the shit? Andrew is your man. Many of you probably know Andrew or have spoken to him on the phone (whether you knew it or not). But …

Amy LavinMeet Andrew From Our Crew

What would you do with 600ft of Sterling Rope?

Can you imagine the possibilities? 600ft, that’s equal to almost two football fields turned vertically! You could easily climb the to the top of Red Rocks and have rope to spare! Or, you could be like the badass people at the Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue Team and give mother nature some good ole fashioned TLC baby! She ain’t too …

Amy LavinWhat would you do with 600ft of Sterling Rope?

Have Standards, Don’t Cut Lanyards

In some industries the standard practice is to cut the patient’s lanyard once you’ve connected to them. By pulling as much slack out of the connection as possible, the shock to the patient from cutting the lanyard is usually quite small. At first glance this seems to be a pretty desirable solution. It is simple, fast, and requires a minimum …

Amy LavinHave Standards, Don’t Cut Lanyards

Petzl Rope Trip 2016

When you love Petzl like we do, your whole crew knows exactly when the annual Petzl Rope Trip is and has had it circled on his or her calendar for at least a month or so previous. This year, the Rope Trip was April 1st through the 4th and it took place in Utah, which was picturesque. For more picures, …

Amy LavinPetzl Rope Trip 2016