Coming to (Petzl) America

Getting the opportunity to tour Petzl America’s facility is something close to the same feeling you might get as a kid being able to walk into Santa’s workshop. When you walked in, an instant urge to touch and test everything washed over everyone, except in this warehouse, that type of behavior is encouraged. Petzl America’s Utah facility is fit for a king, and rightfully so. This building houses the Petzl Technical Institute, where Petzl facilitates training classes about all their gear and techniques for proper use.

  • Petzl America In Utah Facility
  • Petzl America In Utah Facility Shipping
  • Petzl America In Utah Facility Climbing Wall
  • Petzl America In Utah Facility Climbing Wall

The building itself is a thing that the dreams of any type of climber, sport or industrial, might be made of. Picture this; a state of the art training room designed to have no right angles. Why? Because every point is designed to be a connection point to use while climbing of course. It’s the sort of place that makes you question why you shouldn’t totally tear down your current house and build a replica of this place. In the middle of the room is a giant climbing wall with the same enormous presence as a skyscraper. When you walk to the other side of climbing wall, you feast your eyes on the unfinished latticework used as the industrial training side. Your eyes begin to slowly move up the wall, taking it all in, until they reach the cat walks that line the space above. These catwalks are used to rappel off of and have some windows to practice fire rescue techniques. The rest of the warehouse is a mecca of offices and production space. The whole building is so detail oriented; they say it will last them through 10 years of growth. That is a pretty bold statement and we like that Petzl has made it. We’d expect nothing less.

Petzl America In Utah Facility Shipping Petzl America In Utah Facility Climbing Wall Front
The day itself was filled with all kinds of rad activities. I took a fire rescue class, taught by a New York firefighter. I was informed that an escape out the window in the case of a fire should be done headfirst (though no amount of fire would ever get me to exit a window headfirst!). I learned more about technical rescue, arborists and the gear that Petzl offers for the industry, Petzl headlamps, and more on how to inspect fall protection gear. My favorite part of any manufacturing tour is the destructive testing. This Petzl tour did not disappoint. We got to break all kinds of safety gear and it was awesome.

  • Destructive Testing
  • Destructive Testing at Petzl
  • Destructive Testing Results

They showed us some of the awesome new innovative Petzl gear that is coming out this year. Now if you follow the blog, you already know we got the VIP treatment and learned all about this equipment when our Petzl reps came for a visit. Check out the blog we created about it. Regardless, Petzl has stepped up their game this year and is coming out with new gear that only Petzl could’ve managed to make happen.

Petzl America In Utah Facility Climbing Wall Front With Rescue Setup
In the realm of industrial climbing, Petzl has become synonymous with innovation and some of the best fall protection gear on the market. It was genuinely a pleasure to be able to visit. Thank you to everyone at Petzl for making it a reality. I’ve never been to the North Pole, but this visit beat the hell out of Santa’s workshop.

Amy LavinComing to (Petzl) America
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