60 Foot Tower Rescue

60′ Tower Rescue Using Tower Rescue Kit

What would you do if you had to rescue a fallen worker. Do you have a rescue plan in place? Do you have the equipment needed to conduct a rescue. Do you have the training you need? After that pointed list of questions, lets jump into the Rope and Rescue answer. With the help of professional trainers we designed a …

Jacob Wallace60′ Tower Rescue Using Tower Rescue Kit
4:1 For Lift During Rescue

Make A 4:1 For Lifting During A Rescue

Mechanical Advantage can be a tricky thing to explain, and for newer tower climbers hard to understand. However, I’ve put together this blog post in hopes to explain a key portion of one of our products, the Deluxe Rescue Kit. We┬áreceive many questions about how you would use the prusik loop, and pulleys in a pick off rescue. Hopefully this …

Allie KollbaumMake A 4:1 For Lifting During A Rescue

OSHA Allows Free Climbing?

In a now infamous video, a tower climber free climbs a 1,700 ft tower. In the video he claims that OSHA allows free climbing because it’s faster. Take a look at the video below. Now, it’s important to note that OSHA does not allow for free climbing, despite what’s claimed in the video. Is it slower to remain 100% tied …

Jacob WallaceOSHA Allows Free Climbing?