Meet Andrew From Our Crew

As you know, a good crew can mean the difference between a great day and a long night. Meet Andrew, one of our crew. Have some questions? Andrew can help. Want to shoot the shit? Andrew is your man. Many of you probably know Andrew or have spoken to him on the phone (whether you knew it or not). But …

Amy LavinMeet Andrew From Our Crew
Winner of the TowerTech harness at NATE

NATE Unite 2014 Recap

Last week was NATE Unite, the  world’s best Tower Climbing show! Lets take a look at some highlights. Exposition To start, the exposition was a huge success. Rope and Rescue pulled out best in show for the second year in a row (we aren’t in it for the awards, but we’ll take it!). Our main thing in our booth was …

Jacob WallaceNATE Unite 2014 Recap
Steve Hudson and Kit Making Staion

Inside Look at PMI

I recently had the opportunity to visit PMI head quarters in Georgia. I got a tour of their factory from the man himself, President and Founder Steve Hudson. Rope and Rescue has been a PMI dealer since starting in 2005. In that time we’ve sold tons of their rope and other gear. I’ve also spent a lot of time with …

Jacob WallaceInside Look at PMI
Bridgette Hester Hubble Foundation

Hubble Foundation Partners With Rope and Rescue

My name is Dr. Bridgette Hester and I am the Founder and President of Hubble Foundation.  Hubble Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to telecommunication technicians and their families.  I created Hubble Foundation after the death of my husband, Jonce Hubble, in 2010. During routine maintenance of a tower in Anniston Alabama, a third party provider backed a 33-foot bucket …

Bridgette HesterHubble Foundation Partners With Rope and Rescue
Colorado Springs Fire Department

Behind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 2)

Colorado Springs covers 204 square miles, including areas like Cheyenne Canyon and Garden of the Gods. One area at the popular tourist area the guys have labelled “Tourist Gulley.” Right off the road, it is an easy spot for people to jump the “do not cross” signs and scamper up the rock formations. Unfortunately, getting up is often easier than …

Jacob WallaceBehind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 2)
Inside Heavy Rescue Station 17

Behind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 1)

I was in Colorado Springs the other day, and I decided to spend some time finding out about Technical Rescue operations for Colorado Springs Fire. Between how large the Colorado Springs Area has become, and tourist attractions like Garden of the Gods, there are ample opportunity for unique rescue operations. I had the chance to sit down with CJ Nauert, …

Jacob WallaceBehind the Scenes: Colorado Springs Heavy Rescue Station 17 (Part 1)