Evaluating Potential New At-Height Workers: A Guest Post

Due to recent tragedies, we have decided that our usual sarcastic and satirical perspective on life should take a seat and let the depth of things sink in. We love to play around, but think it might be a good time to say when and really let the severity of recent happenings register. It is said that reflection is the greatest …

Amy LavinEvaluating Potential New At-Height Workers: A Guest Post

An Honest Discussion on the Petzl Jag Traxion Pulley

  We recently tricked a lead instructor from Safety One into reviewing the Petzl Jag Traxion Pulley and giving us his honest opinion on this equipment. We were lucky enough to lure in Brian Bourquin. Winner of the rescue event in the past two SPRAT Olympics, Brian is an expert rope access technician and a Level 3 SPRAT certified rope …

Amy LavinAn Honest Discussion on the Petzl Jag Traxion Pulley
Unsafe Towers

Tracking Unsafe Towers: a Guest Post

This is a guest post from Bridgette Hester. She is the President of the Hubble Foundation as well as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Phoenix and Strayer University. She is passionate about raising awareness regarding safety in the telecommunications industry and helping families who have lost a climber on the job. The views expressed in this post do …

Bridgette HesterTracking Unsafe Towers: a Guest Post

Extensive Travel and its Effects On Tower Climbers

Your Employees Your most valuable asset is your technicians.  Let’s face it, without them you don’t have a business. Being mindful and intimately aware of the human element that drives your business is not only smart…it’s sound business practice.  Not being mindful of this element can end in potentially damaging backlash to your company’s reputation.  With the prolific use of …

Bridgette HesterExtensive Travel and its Effects On Tower Climbers
Steve Hudson and Kit Making Staion

Inside Look at PMI

I recently had the opportunity to visit PMI head quarters in Georgia. I got a tour of their factory from the man himself, President and Founder Steve Hudson. Rope and Rescue has been a PMI dealer since starting in 2005. In that time we’ve sold tons of their rope and other gear. I’ve also spent a lot of time with …

Jacob WallaceInside Look at PMI

OSHA Allows Free Climbing?

In a now infamous video, a tower climber free climbs a 1,700 ft tower. In the video he claims that OSHA allows free climbing because it’s faster. Take a look at the video below. Now, it’s important to note that OSHA does not allow for free climbing, despite what’s claimed in the video. Is it slower to remain 100% tied …

Jacob WallaceOSHA Allows Free Climbing?
Helmets from Rope and Rescue

What’s the Problem with Stickers on Helmets?

Go to any tower, construction site, roof top, or other work site and you’ll find one thing without fail: lots of hard hats with stickers. The crews that work at height love to show off their favorite companies with stickers on their safety helmets. Total number of stickers will vary from a few to covering the entire helmet, but its …

Jacob WallaceWhat’s the Problem with Stickers on Helmets?