Have Standards, Don’t Cut Lanyards

In some industries the standard practice is to cut the patient’s lanyard once you’ve connected to them. By pulling as much slack out of the connection as possible, the shock to the patient from cutting the lanyard is usually quite small. At first glance this seems to be a pretty desirable solution. It is simple, fast, and requires a minimum …

Amy LavinHave Standards, Don’t Cut Lanyards
Colored Rope

FAQs: Colored Rope

This week we begin a new series of questions we get fairly frequently here at Rope and Rescue. The content of this post is based on a discussion in our old forum back in 2012. “Is rope color important beyond cosmetic reasons?” Those who are just getting into tower climbing, rope access, and search and rescue often ask us if …

Ben MakuhFAQs: Colored Rope
60 Foot Tower Rescue

60′ Tower Rescue Using Tower Rescue Kit

What would you do if you had to rescue a fallen worker. Do you have a rescue plan in place? Do you have the equipment needed to conduct a rescue. Do you have the training you need? After that pointed list of questions, lets jump into the Rope and Rescue answer. With the help of professional trainers we designed a …

Jacob Wallace60′ Tower Rescue Using Tower Rescue Kit
Petzl ID For Rescue

Should You Use The Large ID or Small ID For Rescue?

Can you use a small ID for a rescue? That’s the question of the day, and something we’re asked quite a lot. If you’ve seen our Deluxe Tower Rescue Kit you would notice that we do in fact, use the small ID and 7/16″ rope. Let me explain a little of why we do this. And hopefully I’ll answer your …

Allie KollbaumShould You Use The Large ID or Small ID For Rescue?
4:1 For Lift During Rescue

Make A 4:1 For Lifting During A Rescue

Mechanical Advantage can be a tricky thing to explain, and for newer tower climbers hard to understand. However, I’ve put together this blog post in hopes to explain a key portion of one of our products, the Deluxe Rescue Kit. We receive many questions about how you would use the prusik loop, and pulleys in a pick off rescue. Hopefully this …

Allie KollbaumMake A 4:1 For Lifting During A Rescue

Now Carrying DEUS Rescue Products

Rope + Rescue is excited to now offer DEUS products. We recently visited Jeff Wild at the DEUS facility in Boulder to get some hands on experience with their automatic descender. The 3700 Device is easy to load, easy to use and truly hands-free. When you use device, simply loosen or tighten knob to control speed. Perfect for wind energy, …

Jacob WallaceNow Carrying DEUS Rescue Products