Now Carrying DEUS Rescue Products

Rope + Rescue is excited to now offer DEUS products.

We recently visited Jeff Wild at the DEUS facility in Boulder to get some hands on experience with their automatic descender.

The 3700 Device is easy to load, easy to use and truly hands-free. When you use device, simply loosen or tighten knob to control speed. Perfect for wind energy, utility, tower climbing, and fire fighters.

  • Pocket-sized at just 2.4 lbs
  • Can be used at any height by replacing the rope
  • Four independent brakes:
  • always-active centrifugal
  • control knob activated drum
  • hands-free self-adjusting figure-8
  • manual rope-tailing brake for precise control

The 3700 automatic descender is part of complete
Industrial Escape and Rescue kit now available.

Jacob WallaceNow Carrying DEUS Rescue Products
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