Petzl Rope Trip 2016

When you love Petzl like we do, your whole crew knows exactly when the annual Petzl Rope Trip is and has had it circled on his or her calendar for at least a month or so previous. This year, the Rope Trip was April 1st through the 4th and it took place in Utah, which was picturesque.

  • Utah was beautiful
  • Utah was beautiful
This was the first Petzl Rope Trip held in the states and it was very exciting. Visitors came from all over the world to attend the International Rope Access Challenge and Symposium at the all-new Petzl America Headquarters. Overall, there were 31 teams that competed from 17 different countries around the world. This year, France took home the gold. It was the first year a non-Russian team won. The challenge itself was intense. It was a timed, action-packed, at-height rope access event. The finals were held outside the public library, right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.
“Visitors came from all over the world came. There were 31 teams that competed from 17 different countries around the world.”

Utah was beautiful

  • Training At Petzl America

  • Training Demo At Petzl America
  • Training At Petzl America
  • Deomonstrations at Petzl America
Petzl also opened up its courtyard for a rope access trade show. The usual suspects showed up; PMI, Sterling, Camp, Rock Exotica, along with a ton of other vendors. It was awesome to check out all the gear and shoot the breeze with all the vendors about their toys. The symposium provided valuable lessons from some of the world’s leading experts on rope access gear and technology. Parts of the demonstration included advice on how to use (and not use) your equipment. This is code for we got to break stuff! It’s like each year we get more and more excited to see what Petzl is going to whip up for the Rope Trip. We look forward to next year, and until then, we’ll start training.We got to break things!
  • Courtyard Party!
  • Gear Me!
  • Gear Me up Scotty!
  • Pre Courtyard Party
For more picures, check this baby out: click here

Amy LavinPetzl Rope Trip 2016
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