Open Your Beer With Your Retired Gear!

When you really love something, you push yourself to explore all the avenues of said beloved thing, striving to find innovation and creativity. So when you love fall protection gear and beer like we do, you find a safe way to use them together.

“Do not drink before or during at height work.”

Let us pause right now, this safe way to combine gear and beer does not include drinking before/during any at height work. Do not drink before or during at height work. Let us repeat, do not drink before or during at height work. And, of course, all of the usual alcohol rules apply as well. No drinking and driving. Please drink responsibly.

  • Open A Beer With Fall Protection Gear
  • Hold Your Beer Like You Mean It!

Rope and Rescue’s safe way to combine fall protection gear and beer was to see which retired gear we could use to open a beer. And also, that means we have some open beers that we’d just have to drink. So, how do you open a beer with fall protection gear? So glad you asked.


First, choose your gear. If you have any retired pieces of gear, we’d suggest you use those. Nearly any piece of safety equipment will work. For the best results, it should have a flat edge and be long enough to create a decent amount of leverage. We suggest that you use steel gear as opposed to aluminum because aluminum is a bit softer and can get damaged easily by the cap. The key to choosing your gear is to try and use a piece of gear that has already been retired because the gear can become damaged during the opening of your cold brewsky. Remember that you need to inspect your gear regularly and retire it according to manufacturer recommendations.

The next step is to create your fulcrum. Grab the top of the bottle just below the cap with your non-dominant hand (if you are right-handed, grab it with your left hand). Grip tightly, because you will use your pointer finger to brace the lever. This lever is created by placing the piece of gear just under the lip of the cap and above your finger. Push down on the gear until the cap pops off.

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Of course, the next step is to kick back and enjoy your frosty beverage. We would most suggest using a piece of retired gear if at all possible to open the beer. So if you find yourself with a loved and worn piece of fall protection gear, use it to open a beer and celebrate another long day of work, completed. And of course, when it’s time to replace your retired gear, give us a shout. And if you come to check out our show-room, make sure to bring your retired gear, we’ve got beer.

Amy LavinOpen Your Beer With Your Retired Gear!
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