It’s A Petzl Party! New Petzl Products for 2016!

Here at Rope and Rescue, we are unabashed Petzl fans. Can you even blame us? They make some of the best products out there. That’s why we were excited to meet with our reps and get a super exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming 2016 product line, yep, Rope + Rescue is on the VIP list, hey yo! This year’s release is set to be the largest that Petzl has ever had, and contains a number of products that fill in key gaps in their product lineup. Is the anticipation killing you yet? Perfect, then let’s do this!

New Gear


It’s hard to choose what we are most excited about, it’s like choosing your favorite child. But secretly, we all have our favorite, am I right? The updates to Petzl’s lanyards have taken hold of the golden child title. They’ve redone the Absorbica and introduced several ANSI rated lanyards.

The Absorbica is more compact than ever. What, What! At only 17 cm long, this thing looks amazing and has some impressive stats. It features progressive energy absorption, meaning that it is customized to different user’s weights. It works great for anyone from 50-130 kg, which is 110lbs-286lbs (we got you America). This shock pack is the basis, the godfather if we may, for all of the new ANSI rated lanyards.

Petzl is finally releasing the long requested ANSI Absorbica Y (double) and I (single) lanyards. The lanyards offer best in class features in every way. We’d expect nothing less from Petzl. The bungee material that keeps excess webbing out of the way is the best that we’ve ever seen. They also feature new MGO snap hooks that have action smooth as butter. And, the lanyards are rated for factor 2 falls. We are shamelessly and boldly going to say that these are the best lanyards we’ve ever seen for tower climbers and other at-height techs.

Of course, we should also point out the new MGO Open. It’s just like the MGO hook, except that the bottom opens, allowing you to make your own connections. So, go on with your bad selves, attach that spreader bar to a snap hook!

Petzl Vertex Best Hi-Viz
It was like waking up on christmas morning when our Petzl peeps showed up to display all of their rad new gear. Best wednesday, ever.
Checkin’ out the goods. When we meet with Petzl, we tried it on, hung in it, locked it in place, ran rope through it, compared it to others like it, etc. Needless to say, Petzl passed our tests with flying colors.

Petzl is finally releasing the long requested ANSI Absorbica Y (double) and I (single) lanyards.


Petzl has always had the Avao type harness (previously the Navaho harness), and it’s always been kick ass. Only problem is that many people don’t need anything as robust as the Avao. Luckily, this year Petzl is introducing an ANSI rated basic fall protection harness called the Newton. In typical Petzl fashion, it’s stylish, comfortable, and best in class. It’s perfect for those that aren’t planning on hanging or positioning but really just need fall protection.

Petzl is also coming out with a (wait for it…)(…) tower harness! Called the Volt, clever huh? This thing is slick. I got the chance to hang in it and I was impressed. It has everything you’d expect from a tower harness, plus a host of cool unique features. Namely, it has a donning system similar to the Newton, making it easy to put on. It is also introducing an new system where if you fall on the waist attachment, some of the webbing tears. Once it’s fully deployed the D Ring ends up in a position that helps keep you upright. Sadly, the harness isn’t ANSI rated…yet. But let’s be nice to Petzl, constantly being perfect is hard work!

  • So, when can we play?
  • No one is disappointed when Petzl comes around!
  • I mean, we know their carabiners, but they are pullin' on our heart strings


Petzl is redoing most of their carabiners. They are switching to an H Frame design, genius. This allows them to put the markings inside the groove, which protects them from wear. And as the reps emphasized several times, it allows them to knock a few grams off the weight. Damn Petzl, innovative and practical? It’s like you just get us.

They’ve also introduced a new locking mechanism for adventure parks. It requires you to have a special pin to open the gate. If you don’t have that pin, no open for you. Sucker.

Another killer addition is the new Rollclip. Much like a spork, it defies all aspects of reality and dares you to define it solely as one thing or the other, in this case as a pulley or as a carabiner. I’m a bit disappointed that they aren’t calling it the carapulley or the pull-a-biner, but we’ll take that up with the Petzl product naming person. Available in two versions, it allows for easy creation of a 3:1 haul system or for rapid ascent on your descender for rope access technicians.

This year Petzl is introducing an ANSI rated basic fall protection harness called the Newton.


The popular rescucender is being redone, and it’s about time. The rescucender works great, but, frankly, it’s a bit on the ugly side, and we prefer the sleek, sexy Petzl products. People often complain about how difficult the mechanism is to operate also. If you’ve ever felt that way, you’ll be happy to note that the new version looks much sexier and is far easier to operate. Boom. Petzl-fied.

  • Not, that we really need explanation, but our rep just proving Petzl is the best.
  • Close Up of the volt harness in use
  • oh baby look at that new Rescucender

Plus More

There are quite a few other products coming out soon as well. Click Here to check out the others and to learn more about the ones mentioned above. And, if you are reading this Petzl, we love you. Sorry that just came out. We are just pumped about this launch!

Amy LavinIt’s A Petzl Party! New Petzl Products for 2016!
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