How Long Do Your Gloves Last?

Here at Rope and Rescue we’re passionate about providing work-at-height professionals like you with high quality gear for great prices. This idea guides us as we pick suppliers, but it also guides us when we make our own gear. We carry highly durable Cordura bolt bags, rope bags, rescue packs, and more. The latest addition to our line of work-at-height gear is our Winter Work Glove which we released in December. To celebrate, we ran a contest to give away 5 pairs of them every week for 3 weeks.

One of the ways to enter the contest was by answering a survey about what your favorite brand of gloves is and how long (on average) a pair lasts. Though it’s not exactly a scientific poll or anything, you might be curious to know the results. Work-at-height jobs, especially tower climbing, is especially hard on gloves, so it isn’t too surprising that most responses indicated that the average lifespan of a pair of gloves was only one winter or less:

Glove Lifespan Chart

As mentioned above, we also asked what your favorite brand of glove was. We should have offered more choices for brands, but we didn’t and so it’s no surprise that “Other” was the most popular choice:

Glove Brand Chart

If you were one of the ones who answered “Other” (or if you didn’t enter at all), do us a favor and let us know down in the comments what brand is your favorite, and why. This information is super helpful to us as we develop better and better gloves that suit your needs. At the end of the day, you’re the winner because we’ll provide you with better, cheaper, and more reliable gloves!

By the way, if you haven’t tried out our new Winter Work Glove yet, check ’em out! We would love to hear your opinion of them.

Winter Glove


Jacob WallaceHow Long Do Your Gloves Last?

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