Meet Andrew From Our Crew

As you know, a good crew can mean the difference between a great day and a long night. Meet Andrew, one of our crew. Have some questions? Andrew can help. Want to shoot the shit? Andrew is your man. Many of you probably know Andrew or have spoken to him on the phone (whether you knew it or not). But …

Amy LavinMeet Andrew From Our Crew
Comet Fall Factor

Fall Protection in Space

The European Space Agency landed their Philae probe on a comet named 67P on Wednesday, November 12. It’s sort of a big deal. Philae only had 60 hours of battery life once it was game time, so obviously the first thing it did was take a selfie, because #TechnologyAndStuff: TOUCHDOWN for @Philae2014! #CometLanding — ESA Rosetta Mission (@ESA_Rosetta) November …

Ben MakuhFall Protection in Space

Scary Tower Stories in 5 Words

The hashtag #ScaryStoriesin5Words was trending on Twitter today for Halloween, so we put it out to Tower Climbers of America to get some good tower-related ones. Here are some good ones. Via Nicholas Allonen Allie. This goes with “Things you never want to hear a tower climber say.” Via Luke Sampson. Yes, this would be truly horrifying. Via Alex Nisa Bowman. Via Steven Casas Jr. …

Ben MakuhScary Tower Stories in 5 Words
Santa appeals case in court

Santa Claus Receives OSHA Violation

As Christmas quickly approaches, children around the world eagerly await toys from Santa Claus. Unfortunately, Santa may not be operating again in time for his legendary Christmas Eve delivery. Santa finds himself facing numerous citations from OSHA. A surprise inspection of Santa’s workshop revealed several areas of non-compliance. “To start with, the work area for the elves was a mess,” …

Jacob WallaceSanta Claus Receives OSHA Violation